A wide range of different equipment

Smyril Line Cargo offers a wide range of different equipment for carrying out the different transport demands.

The standard equipment is: 

•  Reefer trailers
•  Tautliners
•  Tank trailers
•  Flatbeds
•  Mafi’s
•  Extendable trailers
•  Lowbeds

In addition Smyril Line Cargo is renting in all types of special equipment needed to the different types of cargo to secure the best and safe solutions for our customers.

Read detailed specifications and measurements for our equipment. Click HERE to view or download.

Reefer trailers

Reefer trailers, or refrigerated trailers, are insulated units with built-in refrigeration. They ensure the safe transport of perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, chemicals, and flowers, maintaining precise temperatures for cargo integrity.

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    Tautliners, or curtain-sided trailers, feature flexible curtains for easy side access during cargo loading and unloading, making them versatile choices for various goods transport needs.

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      Flatbed trucks are versatile, open-air vehicles designed for transporting oversized or unconventional cargo. Their flexibility and ease of loading make them ideal for various cargo transport needs.

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        Mafi trailers, known for their efficient roll-on/roll-off capabilities, are the preferred choice for transporting heavy machinery and oversized loads, offering a reliable solution for diverse cargo transport needs.

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          Extendable trailers

          Extendable trailers feature adjustable lengths, enabling them to transport cargo of various sizes and shapes efficiently. They are a versatile choice for accommodating long or oversized items, making them essential for specialized cargo transport.

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            A lowbed trailer, with its low deck height, is ideal for safely transporting heavy and oversized cargo, such as construction equipment and machinery.

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              Tank Trailers

              We provide tank trailer services, offering safe and efficient transportation for liquids, gases, and other bulk materials.


              Specialized Transport

              As experts in the field, we excel in the transportation of specialized cargo, including oversized and unique shipments. Count on us to safely and efficiently deliver your valuable goods, tailored to your specialized transport needs.

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