Faroe Islands
+298 309600
+354 4702800

Flight Schedule

Vagar Airport, The Faroe Islands


Date Planned Expected Route From Remark
21-03 13:40 RC453 Copenhagen
21-03 19:45 RC459 Copenhagen
21-03 20:15 RC433 Bergen

Date Planned Expected Route To Remark
21-03 08:00 RC430 Bergen
21-03 08:30 RC450 Copenhagen
21-03 14:35 RC456 Copenhagen

Last updated: 2018-03-21 02:47 local time 

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Smyril Line Cargo is the only freight forwarding company offering Ro/Ro service between Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. M/S Norröna has weekly departures.

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For bookings outside these hours, please send an email to: cargo@cargo.fo

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