Terms of Transport

Terms and Conditions for Carriage


Smyril Line Cargo Waybill

The waybill reflects the fact that Smyril Line Cargo offers door to door transports – i.e. combined road and sea transport – and also emphasises NSAB2000 as contract basis. To our customers, this means that responsibility for the entire transport is limited to one place.


Terms and Conditions for Carriage

NSAB2000 (in English)

NSAB2000 (in Danish)


Securing of Cargo:

Vehicles and cargo can under sea transport be put under large stress and strain especially sideways but also forwards and backwards in heavy sea. Units must therefore have correct number of securing points to ensure correct securing to car deck. Also all cargo must be correctly stowed and secured to avoid movements during sea transport. Shipper/driver of vehicle is responsible for correct securing of cargo to their vehicles.

  1. Minimum requirements for securing points:
    1. Unaccompanied trailers must have min. 4 securing points on each side.
    2. Semitrailers must have minimum 4 securing points on each side of the trailer and 2 securing points on the tractor unit.
  2. All units must be marked with number of securing points. SLC has autorised markings. We recommend our customers to do their best to avoid damages.
  3. Total max weight which are marked on the vehicle must not be exceeded. The same applies for road transport where by the legal total weight must not be exceeded. If the max weight limits are exceeded SLC will charge Shipper for offloading cargo at one of our terminals.
  4. The Captain of the vessel has the final word as to whether the cargo or unit can be shipped due to safety reason.


Dangerous Goods

SLC does only accept dangerous goods within the rules and regulations of IMDG for freight on combined passenger and freight ships. Specifications referring to the IMDG code, class, UN-number, package group and flash point (class 3) must be received before bookings can be accepted. A "Dangerous Goods Declaration" shall follow the goods and the goods must be marked according to IMDG code.


COD Shipments

Written instructions have to be given directly to SLC showing the amount to be paid before goods can be released to Consignee. SLC will by signed copy of Waybill confirm order of COD has been received and accepted. Information contained in the invoice stating that goods have been sold cash on delivery or against declaration of value specified in the dispatch instructions does not mean that SLC has undertaken to collect the invoice amount.


Dead freight:

Dead freight is a fee charged by SBW for confirmed bookings which don't show up for departure according to The Sea Law 25th June 1994 rf. 39-261. Dead freight will be charged with 80% af normal freight.


Terms of payment:

Net cash before shipment unless otherwise agreed with SBW. If the time allowed for payment has been exceeded, 1.5% interest will be charged.

All prices are based on current exchange rates and oil prices. Unforeseen dues and price increases will be charged separately. We stipulate a transport without let or hindrance and transporter's possibility of efficient planning of loading and unloading hours. Special delivery requirements from consignee and extraordinary time for customs clearance within the EU will be charged separately.

Commodity charges and port fees will be charged separately.